Baptism at Meetinghouse

Baptism, one of the two Christian sacraments in all Protestant Churches, is a covenant of faith between you and God and the community of faith. As such, baptism is serious business. Parents, on behalf of their child, and the teen or adult being baptized, pledge both their faith in Christ and their intention to follow him. The congregation pledges its support and prayers for you. Consequently, we expect that those who desire to be baptized at Meetinghouse Church have made Meetinghouse their community of faith.

If you do not currently attend Meetinghouse but are interested in making Meetinghouse your faith home, please visit us so that you can decide if, indeed, this is the place you want to grow in your Christian faith. Membership is not required for you or your child to be baptized at Meetinghouse, but we do expect that you will have attended Meetinghouse regularly prior to requesting baptism.

Please contact any staff with questions you might have about this congregation or baptism.

Baptizing Infants or Children

The Baptism Milestone: Blessing Your Child is required for infant or child baptism at Meetinghouse. It is a quarterly gathering for parents to learn the meaning of baptism and the spiritual practice of blessing their child as well as an opportunity to meet other parents and talk about raising a child in a Christ-centered home. Parents choose the baptism date and the service time for the baptism. Dates and times can be found here.

Baptizing Teens or Adults

A one-on-one meeting with a member of the pastoral staff is required for teen or adult baptism. It is a time to discuss your Christian faith and what baptism means as well as an opportunity to explore the relationship between the one seeking baptism, Meetinghouse Church, and God.

For more information please contact any staff member.