Our Vision for Weddings at Meetinghouse

We believe that working with you as you plan your wedding and subsequent marriage is one of our most significant and important ministries. Your wedding is the beginning of your new life together. A new family is being created — a family whose foundation is in the Christian faith. Preparation that allows a deep commitment to each other is critical to the permanence and power of the lifetime investment you are making in each other. We are eager to help form marriages founded in faith.

It is not required that you and your fiance are members of Meetinghouse Church. However, we do seek time to know each couple, to assess their readiness for marriage —especially in terms of faith— and to develop what we hope will be a permanent relationship of Christian friendship between you and the Meetinghouse “family.” Therefore, Meetinghouse does not automatically perform all weddings requested. Performing a wedding is, ultimately, the prerogative of the ministers of Meetinghouse Church. A minister of Meetinghouse Church will preside at all weddings. Other clergy may assist at the invitation of Meetinghouse's officiating minister. The facility is not rented to outside parties who desire to have their own minister perform the wedding.

Important First Steps

Contact our wedding coordinator Mary Werness or phone 952.925.2711 to 1) determine the availability of your desired date and 2) request a wedding interview with one of our ministers. At that time, the minister will discuss the details of your day and together, the three of you will decide if a Meetinghouse minister will perform your ceremony. We will help guide you through the wedding process and give you all the information you will need as you prepare for your big day! 3) A minimum of six months in advance of the ceremony should be allowed for the necessary pre-marriage preparation.

Members have priority for wedding dates and those who are involved in the life of Meetinghouse Church may book weddings 12 months in advance.


Members: $800
Non-members: $1,300

If you are not attending another church, we invite you to explore membership at Meetinghouse.

A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a wedding date. The balance on the account is due at least four weeks prior the ceremony.