Acts of Love

Acts of Love is a simple, practical way for the people of Colonial Church to bring Jesus’ physical touch to individuals in the Colonial Church family in need of short-term assistance with meals, rides and other day-to-day needs.

God is leaving fingerprints all over this world, some on my heart, some on yours. Very often it is through the actions of a friend or a neighbor that we feel God’s touch and come to see those fingerprints as evidence of God’s unconditional love.

This ministry is about both the giving and receiving , for without the receiver, the giver remains unfulfilled! This is why it takes two fingerprints to make our Acts of Love heart ~ it takes two to complete God’s action!

The beautiful thing is it God’s unique print on our hearts that makes it possible for us to give and receive. Through the Colonial Acts of Love ministry you can make a big difference for someone in need. But WE DO NEED YOU to make this work. Sign up and get involved now! You will find that this ministry fits easily into your busy schedule!!

Our resource page will soon have all the information you will need to understand the logistics and how Colonial Acts of Love works. And we will provide training so everyone will have confidence as they serve.