Baptism Milestone: Blessing Your Child

This gathering is for parents to learn the meaning of baptism and the rhythm of blessing their child. Parents may choose to baptize their child on the 2nd Sunday of any month. Note: right now we are awaiting guidance on public gatherings before resuming community baptisms.

Pebbles Milestone: Create a Rhythm

For parents and caregivers of children in Stepping Stones. This time together lays the foundation for years of growing in knowing and loving Jesus. Every family has a rhythm or pattern to their day. We want to take what you already do and maximize it to help grow your child spiritually.

2nd Grade Milestone: Loving God’s Word with Your Child

All second graders and their parents are invited to experience this faith milestone. Families explore God’s Big Story and learn to love God’s Word together. This milestone gives kids a chance to become familiar with their very own Bible and encourages them to discover their part in God’s Big Story.