Baptisms, Weddings, & Memorials

Caring for our community in and through life’s biggest moments.


Baptisms are a covenant between you, God, and a community of Jesus’ followers. At Meetinghouse Church, we are excited that you desire to make this outward, symbolic expression to follow Jesus in the whole of your life. We offer baptisms for all ages from infants to adults, and they take place on the second Sunday of every month.


We believe that working with you as you plan your wedding and subsequent marriage is one of our most significant and important ministries our Meetinghouse community offers. While it is not required that you and your fiance are members of Meetinghouse Church, we do seek time to know each couple, to assess their readiness for marriage, especially in terms of faith. Additionally, Meetinghouse Church does not automatically perform all weddings requested, and a minister from our staff must preside over all weddings performed within the building (other clergy may assist at the invitation of the officiating minister). The process for holding your wedding ceremony with Meetinghouse Church is as follows:

  1. Determine the availability of your desired date.
  2. Request a wedding interview with one of our ministers.

Note: A minimum of six months in advance of the ceremony should be allowed for the necessary pre-marriage preparation.


Making space for you to remember, celebrate, and memorialize the life of a loved one is a calling we’re honored to hold. We are always available to help arrange a memorial service at Meetinghouse Church, but please note that one of our Ministers will need to preside over the ceremony if it’s hosted on our campus.