God’s generosity frees us to be generous toward each other.

We like to think of generosity as a posture toward life. As we experience God’s generosity toward us, we respond with a life of stewardship, taking care to use our resources to cultivate a generous life in the way of Jesus. This generosity is far-reaching, and it includes sharing our gifts, our stories, our time, and our resources.

Your financial generosity makes it possible for us to be the Church through weekly Sunday worship, creative Emerging Generations experiences, thought-provoking Adult Education offerings, ongoing missions initiatives, and every other life-affirming work God invites us into as a congregation.

Explore alternative ways to give financially.

If you’d like to find creative ways to contribute to the mission and vision of Meetinghouse Church, here are a few to keep in mind (consult your tax advisor for specific advice):

Marketable securities are one way to contribute based on stock market gains. Generally, you are able to make a gift that does not affect your cash flow and allows you to give a larger gift from a smaller original investment. Under current tax laws, when you make a gift of appreciated stock, you generally pay no capital gains on the appreciation yet receive a tax deduction on the full current value of the gift. Contact Nancy Danielson (Finance Manager) to discuss how to transfer these marketable securities.

If you are age-72 or older and are required to take an annual Required Minimum Distribution from your standard IRA, which is normally taxable, you may contribute part or all of that directly to Colonial Church as a Qualified Charitable Distribution, without having to pay income tax on it. This may result in additional tax savings to you depending on your personal tax situation. Once again, consult with your IRA custodian or financial advisor about how to do this.