Ministerial Team.

Jeff Lindsay

Senior Minister


Jeff Lindsay

I am passionate about calling the church into its mission to care well and reach out with intentional love. The church is a place where we collectively can do far more for each other and the world, so I love finding ways to include, empower, and deploy others through the community of the church.

I graduated from Normandale with an Associate degree in Law Enforcement, from Bethel University with a Bachelors in Bible & Theology, and once more from Bethel for my Masters of Divinity.

I am a 2 on the Enneagram, which means I love to help, and I love listening to people’s stories and finding ways to support and encourage them. My top five Strengths Finder are Empathy, Woo, Communication, Positivity, and Developer.

My wife Tami and I have been married for 37 years. We have two grown kids, Michael and Nicole, and they have each married and had a daughter and son respectively. We love being together to enjoy the grandkids!

I love golfing, smoking a good cigar, placing my hopes in the Minnesota Vikings again and again, and being around the people I love. Especially if I can do a couple of them at the same time!

Sara Wilhelm Garbers

Senior Associate Minister


Sara Wilhelm Garbers

I am excited to be intentional in fostering ways for connection to take place in the community. What exactly this will look like is something we will co-create together…so please feel free to reach out to me if you have ideas and hope/dreams for what God might be inviting us in the midst of community.

I was born and raised in Minnesota, but have also lived in other places around the country. After completing my doctoral coursework, my spouse and I decided to move back to MN and we now own a lovely home in St. Louis Park! I am passionate about matters of faith and justice, particularly focused on gender justice and issues of domestic & sexual violence. In addition to my work at the church, I serve the city of St. Louis Park as a human rights commissioner, my school as a sexual assault advocate, and am completing my doctorate in ethics at Loyola University Chicago.

The rest of my time is richly filled by wonderful relationships with dear friends and family, decorating and cleaning, running, hiking, and basically doing anything that involves spending time with my favorite human (and spouse!), Andy.

Sara received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Women’s Studies from the University of Minnesota Duluth. She then completed a Master of Divinity from Bethel Seminary (MN). She is currently a doctoral candidate at Loyola University Chicago. Her dissertation is entitled “Dangerous Memories”: Sexual Violence and Trauma- Towards a Feminist Political Theological Ethics of Memory.

Christian Collins Winn

Teaching Minister and Theologian in Residence

Christian Collins Winn

Dr. Christian T. Collins Winn is deeply passionate about helping others understand the gospel as it forms them into justice-seeking and mercy-loving people who walk in the world with humility. He completed a PhD in Theological and Religious Studies at Drew University and was Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Bethel University from 2005-2018. He has a decorated academic record, and his research interests include the history of Pietism, ecumenism, theology of Karl Barth, political theology, problematics of race, comparative theology, inter-faith dialogue, historiography of evangelicalism, and the theological significance of the Black Radical Tradition.

Alongside these interests, he loves watching movies, listening to jazz and blues, and following college and professional basketball. (Especially his childhood team the UNC Tarheels.) He’s happily married to Julie and has two wonderful sons, Jonah and Elijah.

Mark Patrick

Care Pastor


Church Staff.

Lissah Beglinger

Administration Associate

Lissah Beglinger

I support the business operations of the church. I love working at a church because of the genuine care and community that comes with the territory. I live pretty firmly in the relationship builder column on the strengths finder but with a heavy dose of context from strategic thinking, so the mix of church and business is a real sweet spot for me. 

My husband, Matt, and I have been married for 19 years and have three amazing daughters – Lelah (14), Linden (11), and Layne (8). I was born and raised in central Iowa but fell in love with the Twin Cities when we relocated here for my husband’s job. After 12 years away from MSP, we decided it was time to take the plunge and move back. We are ecstatic to be back and to enjoy all the culture, arts, and outdoor activities Minnesota and the Twin Cities has to offer. 

Nancy Danielson

Finance Director

Trev Erickson

Communications Manager


Trev Erickson

I help Meetinghouse tell clear and compelling stories. I think we all long to find ourselves in a larger story, so it’s fun to craft communication that invites people into the story that God is writing around us.

I’m a 4 on the Enneagram, which means I value creativity and beauty, and have emotions about everything.

Kasey and I have been married for 7 years. We have two daughters, Adalyn and Annika, and they are true gifts. Kasey recently completed her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, and together we love crafting family culture organized around simplicity and delight.

I love baseball, books, and pretending to like craft beer.

Elaine Heltne

Missions Coordinator

Elaine Heltne

I’m part time and work with the Missions Resource Team (MRT) to refine how we support our mission partners through ongoing communication, volunteer events, prayer, and allocating mission funds in alignment with our Core Values. I work with church staff on mission related activities and opportunities to engage our church community in missional work. Missions is a long-time passion of mine and I’m grateful to work with our church community in this capacity.

I’ve lived in the Twin Cities all but five years of my life which was in Lincoln, NE, soon after I was married. My husband, Rick, and I have two wonderful sons and daughters-in-law’s, and five darling and adventurous grandchildren (ages 3 – 8). We have lots of fun and laughter with the grandkids, particularly during an occasional overnight visit.

I retired in 2019 from a 33-year career in Human Resources and have more time to be with family and friends, learn about gardening (what works/what doesn’t), play/walk with our energetic two-year-old goldendoodle, watch a good romantic comedy, visit my happy places; the ocean and/or the mountains, and most recently re-engage in snow skiing after 35 years.

Barb Halvorson

Administrative Assistant


Barb Halvorson

I am passionate about music, and I love working with the Chorale and the Chamber Singers here at Meetinghouse. I also play clarinet in the Minneapolis Police Band and the Westwood Synod Senior Band.

I graduated from South High School in Minneapolis and didn’t go to college, but worked for the City of Minneapolis for 33 years, before retiring in 2009.

I’m a 6 on the Enneagram, which means I am a “dedicated and responsible individual who is keen on belonging to a social group and finding their fit in the world.” This description definitely fits me!

My husband Hans and I have been married for 40 years. We have one son, Kris, who is currently an Apache helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army.

I love traveling, photography, reading, history, lighthouses, and covered bridges (the bridge here at Meetinghouse is what initially attracted me to the church as I first saw it from Highway 62 in 1988!)

Eric Hansen

Facilities Manager


Eric Hansen

I am the manager of the beautiful facility and grounds of Meetinghouse Church. My greatest satisfaction comes from preparing and maintaining this property for all of the amazing things God does here and the people that make it happen.

Both my wife and I grew up in Edina and raised our two sons here. They are both married to Edina grads and live here as well with our 5 awesome grandchildren.

I love to travel, live music, sports and, of course, spending as much time as possible with those awesome grandchildren, their activities and families.

Kris Henderson

Leadership Advisor

Kris Henderson

I am excited to be a part of the staff at Meetinghouse Church as we continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of our broader community.

After graduating from Luther College with a BA in math and music, I spent 36 years in various actuarial and leadership positions at Ameriprise Financial, retiring in 2021 from my position as Vice President and General Manager of a financial product business line.  Leading administration for the church allows me to bring that general management background into a new arena, where I enjoy using my financial, team leadership, risk management, and other skills in new ways.  One thing that isn’t different is that the work can change every day depending upon what arrives in my in-box!

I have been a member of Meetinghouse Church for more than 20 years, have served on the HR and Finance committees, and have been very active in music ministries here, including Chorale, bell choir, children’s choir, youth choirs, and now the Giving Voice Crosstown chorus. I live here in Edina with my husband David, and see my 3 adult children (Ryan, Erin, and Megan) frequently as they all live within a few miles of us.

In my spare time, I enjoy concerts, live theater, traveling, baking, singing, playing flute and piano, and spending time with my spouse and kids.

Steve Lindsay

Facilities Staff

Brian Linnihan

Assistant Facilities Manager

Brian Linnihan

I am the assistant facilities manager. I enjoy this position because I love to fix/build things and see a project through from beginning to end.

I am the oldest of three boys, I have two nieces (6 and 3) and a nephew who is 9. I also have a 6-year-old dog named Mrs. Daisy! In my free time, I enjoy golfing, bowling, camping, fishing, and hiking with my dog.

Randy Lofgren

Facilities Staff

Carly Nack

Emerging Generations Support (Children & Family)

Colleen Olson

Emerging Generations Leader (Children & Family)


Maggie Roth

Church Administrator


Maggie Roth

I manage the day-to-day business functions and operations of Meetinghouse. I am passionate about working in a church because it allows me the opportunity to form relationships with the congregation while performing the detailed work I really enjoy. It’s the best of both worlds!

I love taking long walks while listening to audiobooks, spending time with my nieces and nephews, bingeing true crime shows, traveling to Lake Superior, enjoying a home-cooked meal with my parents, and of course, cheering on my MN Vikings (SKOL!)

Tom Rowland


Tom Rowland

I’m your keyboard musician in traditional worship. I love to accompany, encourage and invigorate your song. I’m passionate about including you in our worship music. I believe the real growing point of modern church music is the congregation’s music.

My hope is you’ll be listening, singing, humming, tapping your toe, clapping, frowning, leaning in, relishing beautiful sounds, wondering how much louder it could possibly get, smiling, shedding a tear, hearing something new, and wrestling with the dissonance of modern French music. My intention is to support the Word and Message in our worship, encourage our song and send us into the world in faith and humming a tune. 

I’m a 9 on the Enneagram, which means I love harmony, your ideas… and naps! My strengths include Positivity, Activator, Connectedness and Maximizer. 

I live in south Minneapolis with Marcel, a Standard Poodle, who keeps squirrels, rabbits and me on our toes. He’s extremely intelligent. He loves a DQ pup cup and has hinted he’s willing to drive the car!

I love eating out, live performance, time with friends and practicing the organ!

Paul John Rudoi

Chorale Director

Paul John Rudoi

I direct the Chorale, our primary worship leading ensemble. Everyone has a voice, and I’m passionate about harnessing our voices, together, to find God in each other and our broader community.

I grew up in Florida, came to Minnesota from New England, and now live in West Saint Paul with my better half, Brittany–a professional soprano and voice instructor–and our two owners, Harley and Momo.

Outside of directing, singing, composing, and advocating for music in my community and the choral field at large, I love life-changing animated films (check out Tomm Moore’s Celtic Triptych!), building things out of wood scraps, and finding local holes-in-the-wall (our latest favorite: Tongue in Cheek in St. Paul)!

Nicole Smalley

Interim Director of Emerging Generations


Nicole Smalley

I am part of the youth ministry team, focusing on middle schoolers. (The coolest people at church!) I aim to create a community that is fun, welcoming and draws us closer to God by discovering who He is and the role we have in His story. I graduated from Bethel University with a degree in Social Work and hold a Youth Ministry Certificate from Youth Leadership. .

My top 5 StrengthFinder strengths are: Achiever, Believe, Developer, Empathy and Includer. To me this means I get things done because I deeply believe in what I am doing and I love to do it alongside others.

I have the greatest partner in my husband Patrick, we were married in 2015 and now live in Richfield with our two children, Connor (3) and Emma – our covid baby. Together we love playing with our neighbors, spending time with our extended family and doing DIY projects! I’m also a sucker for any good (or not so good) reality show.

Patrick Smalley

Digital Ministry Manager


Patrick Smalley

I help the Meetinghouse community connect using digital means. This could mean using technology to enhance the in-person experience, or connecting with those not on campus. There will always be reasons people can’t come to the building–I want to make sure they still feel connected to this community when that’s the case.

I’m a 9 on the Enneagram, which means I want everything to go smoothly. I love saying, “Technology is great… when it works.” My top 5 on StrengthsFinder are Maximizer, Strategic, Relator, Harmony, and Adaptability.

I grew up in Bloomington as the youngest of 3. I went to St. John’s University twice (2011-BA, Psychology; 2018-MA, Ministry) Nicole and I have been married since 2015. Connor was born in 2018 and Emma in 2021. We live in Richfield and feel so fortunate to call Meetinghouse Church “home.”

I love the ritual of making coffee every morning. I brew my own beer. I enjoy making BBQ and would probably eat it for every meal if I could. I love being outside–fly fishing, camping, or just sitting on our back patio. I’m also a huge MN Wild fan.

Michele Steinke

Connections Coordinator


Michele Steinke

I work to connect people, both with each other and to what’s happening around here. Come find me at our Connection Corner! I’d love to meet you and get you, well, connected!

I’m a strong 6 on the Enneagram, which means I basically look at things from a worst-case scenario and then walk myself backward to safety. My top 5 StrengthsFinder are Empathy, Developer, Includer, Connectedness, and Responsibility.

I grew up in Hopkins and have been part of this church community since I was very young! Lance and I met and married in Colorado and we live in Minneapolis and have 2 great adult kids.

I love walking with friends, road trips with my family, meeting people for coffee, reading, watching the Minnesota Wild and hanging out with my puppies! I am also passionate about social justice and working towards bettering life for all people and animals.

Carol Voelker

Administrative Assistant


Carol Voelker

I joined the Meetinghouse staff in September 2022 after many years of being an Early Childhood Educator. My passions are children and pastoral care. I am pleased to be part of the pastoral care team at Meetinghouse.

I am a 6 on the Enneagram which means that you want me to help you plan your trip, but you don’t want me to take it with you. My top 5 in Clifton StrengthsFinder are Strategic, Developer, Input, Responsibility, and Connectedness.

My greatest joy is my family. Carl and I have been married for over 40 years and we have 3 daughters, one son, two sons-in-law (one in heaven), and a granddaughter. We are well loved.

I enjoy deep friendships, long walks, and slow drinks. My greatest joy is to meet with people that long to hear from God and watch what happens. The joys, the truth, the peace, and the breakthroughs never get old.

Mary Werness

Pastoral Care Associate


Mary Werness

I help the staff and congregation. My passion is people: who, what, why, where, and how. I love getting to know about people and their journeys.

I am a 2 on the Enneagram, which means I am a helper.

I love reading a good book, conversations over coffee or a meal. I love live performances, musical theatre, and concerts, and I get excited just thinking about the State Fair.


Deborah Eckland


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Tim Anderson


Term: 2022-2025

Ted Stark


Term: 2023-2024

Paige Didora


Term: 2021-2024

Rick Groomes

Term: 2021-2024

Kent Nack

Term: 2022-2025

Wendy Senior

Term: 2022-2025

Andy Ernst

Term: 2023-2026

Kevin Eide

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Heather Phillips

Term: 2023-2024

Elected Committees.

Finance Committee

– Jason Phillips, Chair 2023-2026
– Kellie Lowman, Vice-Chair 2022-2025
– Jim Lindsey 2021-2024
– Ella Ramsey 2021-2024

Nominating Committee

– Elgin Manhard, Chair 2023-2026
– Cheryl Southard 2022-2025
– Susan Lussky 2022-2025

Human Resources Committee

– Elaine Sloan-Moen, Chair 2022-2024
– Kimpa Moss 2023-2026
– John Holden 2022-2025
– Maradeth Searle 2022-2025
– Colleen Moore 2023-2026
– Pat Burgraff, 2022-2025

Meetinghouse Foundation

– Tim Wells, President
– Barry Naugle, Treasurer
– Annette Anderson
– Michelle Moser
– Bill Alldredge
– Amy Stark
– Leah Wells
– Kresti Lyddon
– Jay Voelker


Senior Deacons

– Susan Lima 2022-2025
– Nancy Nack 2022-2025

Meetinghouse Based Members

– Kim Groomes 2021-2023
– Kris Eide 2021-2023
– Jenny Bakke 2022-2025
– Megan Fronek 2022-2025
– Lisa Johnson 2022-2025
– Cindy Latham 2022-2025
– Susan Lima 2022-2025
– Steve Merriman 2020-2023
– Carolyn Meyer 2022-2025
– Chuck Meyer 2022-2025
– Kristin Riter 2022-2025
– Debby Treece 2022-2025
– Ann Waara 2022-2025
– Janet Ruth-Havens 2023-2026
– Mary Fisher 2023-2026
– Jane Harris 2023-2026
– Larry Harris 2023-2026