Children + Families

It takes a village to raise a family, and we're here for you.

Our Children and Families Ministry is grounded in the idea that nurturing a child's journey with Jesus involves hands-on experiences and intergenerational partnership within the church-community. No matter where you're at or where you come from, we’re in it together with you to foster healthy connection and support for your child's journey, from birth through 5th Grade and beyond.

For detailed Children and Family Ministry resources and communication, email George Dornbach here and he'll get you added to the Family Newsletter email list.

Note: Throughout the year, we may film or photograph students participating in church events, which may appear without identifying information on our media platforms. If for any reason you don't want your child's photo displayed online or onsite, email George Dornbach and we will make sure it doesn't happen. 

Wednesday Nights @ Church

Beginning September 15th

This year, our Wednesday nights will be a rhythm that mixes a number of elements to make for a single journey aimed at creating deeper connection - among families, between caregivers and their kids, and to the broader church-community itself:

Maker's Space: On the first gathering of the month, we will be partnering with our kids through discussions, activities, and music to co-create episodes of the Unnamed Kids Show!

Nana & Bumpa / Treat Yo' Self Nights: On the second gathering of the month, we want to offer parents and caretakers the space to unplug and tend to themselves. Nana & Bumpa nights will be led by more seasoned members of our church, while Treat Yo' Self Nights will be facilitated by Colonial staff members. 

Congregational Ed: On the third gathering of the month, we're looking to offer classes where members within our church will share topics that matter like technology, mental health, and healthy sexuality. 

webonly -- Unnamed Kids Show

The Unnamed Kids Show

Kids Ministry Series
Who says we can't be creative and connected in this pandemic season? We're creating a kids ministry series focused on cultivating new interactions among families. (Just don't ask us about the name yet.)

Faith & Family

Monthly Forums (Next on March 16th)

Raising wholehearted and healthy kids takes love, wisdom, and a whole lot of support along the way. Join us for monthly gatherings at the intersection of faith + family, where we will seek to integrate our journeys with Jesus to significant topics.