COVID Guidelines

We're grateful to re-engage in person while keeping our neighbor's good at the center.

In response to declining infections rates and guidance from health and community leadership, we are instituting a reduction in our protocols surrounding COVID-19. The following changes are effective March 23rd for immediate implementation:

  • Masks will no longer be required for staff and community members, with the following exceptions: individuals volunteering directly with youth under age 5, and individuals involved with preparing and serving food.
  • We ask all community members to continue monitoring themselves and household members for symptoms of COVID-19, to test for COVID-19 as appropriate, and to stay home if they have cause to suspect exposure to illness.

Through it all, we are committed to keeping our guidelines in step with emerging trends and will update them accordingly. 

COVID-19 Gathering FAQs

Will you still do virtual worship services?
Absolutely. We know everybody's in a different place with the current COVID-19 landscape, so we will continue to live-stream the Traditional and Alternative worship service at 9:30am on our YouTube channel.
I'm an external group. Can I book Colonial's space now?
Yes, though we're taking it slow here. To find out more, contact Julie Dover to learn more about our protocols and to reserve space inside or outside the building.