Care Ministry

Life is beautiful... and messy. Our Care Ministries aren't just about meeting people regardless of season, but extending the love of Jesus who keeps company with us along life's journey.
Acts of Love
Acts of Love is a simple and practical way to extend Jesus' presence and care to individuals in the congregation in need of short-term assistance with meals, rides, and other day-to-day tasks.

Adult Education
Our Adult Education ministry exists as a safe space to grow in Christ so we can better serve the world. We passionately pursue all the ways God meets us at the tensions between our faith and our real lives. This historically has included:

* Bible Studies
* Spiritual Formation Circles
* Faith and Humanities Seminars
* Anti-Racism Seminars
* Sunday School offerings
* Guelich Lectureship series

Dine w/9
Dine with 9 is an opportunity to simply share a meal with other members of the community. Groups commit to meet 3 times over dinner, brunch or however you decide. You let us know your life stage, interests or area of town you prefer to gather, and we put together the group. Bon Appetit!

Prayer Shawls
The Heartwarmers Prayer Shawl Ministry provides handmade prayer shawls to those going through tough times. The shawls are a tangible reminder of God's love, offer warmth and comfort for a heavy heart, and send a message of love and care.